Your Superhero pet will save animals in need across the planet

1 Helping Underdog Animal Rescue Squads

Free Running Sanctuary for 700 Dogs

In Serbia, we sponsor a spectacular haven of compassion. Founded by native Serbian rescuer Sasha Pesic, this sanctuary was created to shelter dogs who once suffered homelessness or cruelty. Today, under the watch of a small team of caregivers, the dogs can run and play and take an afternoon nap in the sun if they wish. We try to place as many dogs as possible in homes of their own through rescue partners elsewhere in Europe.

Dog Rescue in It’s Finest Form

Each month,  Superhero Pets sponsors the work of many, many heroes internationally. Caki Bravo is one of them. This Bosnian rescuer is saving dogs hand-over-fist. He leads a fleet of volunteers who not only care for animals in the street, but who enter some of the most diabolical dog pounds where they bring food, straw bedding, clean water bowls and any comforts they can provide. We lost track a long time ago of the massive number of dogs saved under Caki’s leadership.

Far and Away

We pride ourselves in reaching the rescuers who have nowhere else to turn. Our specialty is in helping the underdogs of rescue. Tinka Anic is one such hero.  She used to have a busy social life and active young career, but the more she began noticing animals being dumped in the forests and fields of her Bosnian community, the more she knew she had to help. Tinka gave up her career and used her own to hands to build a sanctuary for both dogs and cats. It’s an honor to donate food for those animals each month.

2 Feeding Homeless Animals in the Street

Daily Meals to 500 Street Cats

In Turkey, we sponsor a street feeding team to deliver food and water to 500 cats and some dogs daily in the community of Avsallar. We are working toward our dream of creating a sanctuary for the cats and spaying/neutering them on a wide scale. Meanwhile, they rely on our kindness in this community where animals are often chased, beaten and poisoned.

Bosnian Dynamo Helps Homeless Animals

Edina Pasic has animal rescue in her blood. She’s a dynamo, rescuing more animals in a month than most people might do in an entire lifetime. We are proud to help this Sarejevo-based rescuer with food, veterinary care and sheltering costs for the animals Edina takes in, but equally proud to be able to help provide daily meals for those animals living on the street, waiting for their turn to be rescued. 

Fleets of Street Feeders

We sponsor numerous rescuers who not only care for a large number of animals in rescue centers, but who head out into the streets each day to bring meals to homeless animals. Many dogs and cats will congregate in open factory buildings, at garbage dumps or cemeteries. Naida Kaltak, shown here, is one of the many rescuers we sponsor.

3 Protecting Animals From Danger

Help When They Need Healthcare

In many places, no doctor ever comes when an animal is sick. We try to remedy that situation. Here you see a snapshot taken during our mobile veterinary clinic for donkeys in collaboration with the Tanzania Animals Protection Organization. The donkeys received veterinary care, nutritional supplements and general care for illnesses and injuries.

Protection from the Cold

Neglectful dog pounds abound throughout the Balkans. We try to help the dogs living in pounds in the coldest climates. We supply truckloads of straw, plastic sheeting, sheets of plywood and wooden dog houses to at least give the dogs some shelter from the wind and snow.

Winter Help

We’ve had many distress calls from rescuers who can not reach the animals after a heavy snowstorm. These rescue squads are very poor, and have no resources to buy a snowmobile or invest in a good truck and plow. Often the pounds or shelters are only accessed by dirt roads. We help clear the snow so the caregivers can safely reach the animals daily.

Anti-Poaching Unit

We employ a team to protect wildlife from illegal snares and other forms of poaching in Zimbabwe along the Turgwe River with our partners at Turgwe Hippo Trust. Thousands of wild animals including hippos, baboons, leopards and others are kept safe with those patrols.