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The Mission

You and your pet can join forces to rescue other animals all over the planet. 

During the Covid19 crisis, we are feeding thousands of street animals and buying truckloads of food for shelters.


We are devoted to helping small but mighty animal rescue squads all over the planet. 

collage of rescue organization and animals you are saving!

Superhero Pets is a project of the Harmony Fund charity, celebrating 10 years of animal rescue.

10 Years Anniversary

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Ordinary Pets Become Superheroes

Your pet can become part of a powerful league of superhero pets saving the lives of animals in need across the planet.

Ordinary pets on an extraordinary mission


Barbara and Bella

Bella came to me nothing but skin and bones, full of fear, during a time of big and uncomfortable changes in my world. Her and I are truly a question of who rescued who. Today we are both doing great. Life is good.

Claire’s Healing Partner

My beautiful baby supported me through my cancer treatment & walking her kept me healthy. 💖💖💖

Cupcake Simpson

Cupcake the Cuddler

Cupcake has such a beautiful soul. She came to us all the way from the Middle East. She’s the sweetest cat one could ever hope to know. We’re so grateful to have her in our family and she’s excited to be a superhero.

Alison’s Big Family

I’m a single dog mum and these girls are there for me everyday! They got me through my accident and heart break. They even inspired me to start a dog walking business to help care for other people’s pets when they can’t be around! My tagline is “one of the family”!


Sherri and Lucy

This is Lucy, our 15 year old pitbull. What a blessing she has been to us and she has changed many minds about the pitbull stigma for the better!


Monique’s Darling Franky

This is Franky! He is special to me because my husband gave him as a gift to me before he passed from a long battle with cancer about a year ago today. And Franky has been a lifesaver…reminding me of my husband’s love for me and being such a great companion. ❤️

Rachel and Arthur

This is my gorgeous Arthur…He’s a rescue and my first Westie. This picture was taken New Year’s Eve last year and he’s been with me for 2yrs in March. He’s my best friend and is loved by everyone that meets him. An absolute pure soul…


Gina and Toby

First Touch. After seeing an euthanasia alert for this sweet boy on my Facebook page I drove 4 hours to South Texas to save him. We love Toby with all our heart! This Go shows right after the animal control Tech let him to my arms.


Shilpa and Pupi

My adopted daughter Pupi and my human son. This pet is special because I found her injured on the streets. After getting her home and getting her treated I wanted to give her up for adoption, but then decided to make her part of my family. The day I found her was my mother’s birthday so she became extra special to me 😍😘 🐈🐾

You'll Be Saving Animals Globally in 3 Ways
for Only $4.20 a Month

Helping Underdog Animal Rescue Squads

We pride ourselves in reaching the rescuers who have nowhere else to turn. We throw a lifeline to “underdog” animal rescue squads across the planet.

Feeding Homeless Animals In The Street​

We sponsor numerous rescuers who not only care for a large number of animals in rescue centers, but who head out into the streets each day to bring meals to …

Protecting Animals From Danger​

We employ a team to protect wildlife from illegal snares and other forms of poaching in Zimbabwe along the Turgwe River with our partners at …

8 Reasons to Make Your Pet A Superhero Pet

It's a meaningful way to do something good together

You'll help thousands of animals in danger each month

Your pet's potential for love is bigger than his own circle of friends and family

It's a paperless experience - good for the planet

Every pet loves to have a job

Choose your own price!
It's totally up to you

Your payments are charitable donations - 100% tax deductible

This is a fun way to showcase your pet on social media

Why Are People and Their Pets Helping?

Theresa O'Brien, San Francisco, CA

“Being a monthly donor for Harmony Fund makes me feel like I am participating in saving animals in foreign countries that are in desperate need. These shelters do not have the abundance of potential income and donations like we do in the USA. Rather than just post pictures of animals that need help, I choose to show my support with a monthly donation.”

– Theresa O’Brien
San Francisco, CA

“I donate monthly to support a Serbian dog so I don’t feel so despondent about animal suffering. Taking action, no matter how small, makes a difference both in the world, and how I feel about it. It gives me hope.”

– Mark and Lil Edie

Louise Deng

“The reason why I choose to donate to Harmony Fund is because I know that it’s going to a great cause to help animals have a better life.

This is a picture of me and my 8 month old Belgian Malinois, Yeti. We love Harmony Fund!”

– Louise Deng

Stef Luciano

“It’s my mission in life to change the lives of animals that are unwanted, homeless and in need. What Harmony Fund is doing to provide for the courageous people they help all over the world is astounding. I am proud to donate to this wonderful cause on a monthly basis.”

– Stef Luciano
Lafayette, Colorado

Lois Hansen

“I am at a stage in my life where my needs are few and all are met. This enables me to use my income to help others. I am very particular which charity I give to on a auto-deduct, monthly basis. Harmony Fund is one of my favorites.”

– Lois Hansen
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

“I decided to be a monthly donor to the Harmony Fund because there are a lot of animals that are in great danger all around the world and we can help them, maybe not being there, but by supporting people who can.”

– Laura G.
Orvault, France.

Claudia Vrabie

“I am originally from Romania, so I know first-hand of the massive stray dog problem there. I donate monthly to Harmony Fund, knowing that some of the innocent stray dogs and cats of Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and rest of Europe get some help from you.”

– Claudia Vrabie

Leigh Kunke

“Many rescuers in countries that don’t prioritize animal welfare can feel very alone, and I love that Harmony Fund is always there to help them get what they need. I’ve kept up my donations even though periods of unemployment because it makes me happy to know that those animals can count on food, shelter, and love every month.”

– Leigh Kunke


“From the first moment I went on your website I knew this was my way to do something real and helpful to the animals. As an animal communicator, I know about many situations and problems animals face. This is a way to really help animals with food and medical care.”

– Simonne
Zurich, Switzerland

Testimonials from the



Meet a few of the brave animal rescuers who are benefitting from donations from Superhero Pets

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