Bear Boric

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United States

Superhero Since:

February 15, 2021



Favorite Things To Do

Playing Fetch

Favorite Foods


Mission Elements

  • Cares for farm animals in sanctuaries
  • Feeds homeless cats
  • Feeds homeless dogs
  • Fights cruelty to animals
  • Helps give food, shelter and medicine to animals in sanctuaries
  • Helps injured animals in the street
  • Helps repair animal shelters in poor countries
  • Protects wildlife from poaching
  • Rescues animals trapped and in danger
  • Sponsors veterinary care for animals without families

What You Should Know About This Superhero

Bear is large 3 year old German Shepherd. I’m not exaggerating when I say large. If he was human, he would be taller than me. I’m 5ft 6in tall. He loves going to Golden Gate Park to play fetch every morning. He loves exploring new places, and absorbing new odors. I think he should have been search and rescue dog. Put that sniffer to the work. Bear loves his human family and wants to be included in all activities, even going to the bathroom 😂. What can I say, I have a canine shadow! Bear is true to his breed. He’s intelligent, protective, distrustful of people he doesn’t knows. If you think you can walk into our house without being approved by the dog, you can forget that. If Bear doesn’t sniff your hand first, you are not coming in. I could probably spend days talking about how wonderful Bear is, and how much he’s loved, but I will end my story before I start talking again

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