Cricket Simpson

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United States

Superhero Since:

August 9, 2019



Favorite Things To Do

Play ball Play ball Play ball And, can we play ball again?

Favorite Foods

almond butter cheese cat food

Mission Elements

  • Helps injured animals in the street
  • Helps repair animal shelters in poor countries
  • Rescues animals trapped and in danger

What You Should Know About This Superhero

Cricket is such a clever and agile girl, simply born to be legendary. I've never had the pleasure of living with such a highly intelligent dog. Cricket can solve any puzzle and unleashed complex strategies to get the things she wants. It's fascinating to watch. This is a dog who loves to fight villains. She guards furiously against the vacuum cleaner, the hose and the sound of the bay window being opened. Cricket is so graceful and cap jump and tunnel her way through anything. We love to watch her agile antics and the joy with which she plays. This little dog has stolen our hearts and it's an honor to have her as part of our family.

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