Pugg Sibinovic

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United States

Superhero Since:

March 21, 2020



Favorite Things To Do

Meow for food, sleep, play in his blue plastic tent.

Favorite Foods

Wet food - too finicky to provide specifics. Any wet food he deems appropriate would be the most accurate answer.

Mission Elements

  • Cares for farm animals in sanctuaries
  • Feeds homeless cats
  • Feeds homeless dogs
  • Fights cruelty to animals
  • Helps give food, shelter and medicine to animals in sanctuaries
  • Helps injured animals in the street
  • Helps repair animal shelters in poor countries
  • Protects wildlife from poaching
  • Rescues animals trapped and in danger
  • Sponsors veterinary care for animals without families

What You Should Know About This Superhero

My elder statesman Pugg was rescued as a tiny kitten from my neighbor's garage approximately 14 years ago one moonlit April night. His caramel-on-white coloring and extra-long ringed tail make his beauty singular and unique. If I had to place his breed, I would say Turkish Van mix. Pugg's pussonality is every bit as unique as his coloring. He's affectionate to a point, but never one to be over-indulgent. He's super vocal and loves laying on the kitchen floor and getting back rubs with my foot. I love Pugg with all my heart. He is thrilled to be helping animals in need across the world and pledges to do what ever he can to give them better lives.

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