A Peaceful Glow at Sasha’s Shelter

Sasha Pesic

It’s hard to remember that all of the dogs at Sasha’s free-running dog sanctuary were abandoned and alone at one point in their life. They have been through such hardships, but they still trust and wag their tails. The energy of this enormous pack is simply incredible. There’s a glow, a peaceful glow, and even in the mud and cold, it shines right through.

Sasha's shelter

In order to feed all of 750+ dogs, it’s necessary to have about 660 pounds (300 kg) of kibble every day, costing around $360 (300 euros). For all the dogs to be fed for a month, it’s $10,886 (about 9,000 euros). Plus, of course, there’s fuel, firewood, veterinary care and workers wages for a hard day’s work cleaning and feeding everyone here, in all kinds of weather.

“Your help means everything to us,” Sasha said. “The dogs have their lives because of the help you give each month.”

Sasha's shelter

We are so proud to play a role in the magic of this sanctuary and so thankful to all of you who try help us keep it running.

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