Attacked By Crows, Until Hero Arrives!

Just a couple weeks ago, this little kitten was found injured in the rain. He’d lost all strength and was just sitting beside a cigarette on the ground as he grew colder and more afraid after several crows attacked him. Then along came a hero who scooped him up and carried him to safety. In the car, on the way to the veterinarian, this kitten couldn’t wait to eat.

Naturally, it took some time and patience for the kitten, now named Max, to recover, but just look at him now!

Max is not only safe but also making fast friends with the many rescued animals under the custody of heroic animal rescuer Edina Pasic.

On Friday, we will send funds to Edina’s rescue program and dozens of others, and not a moment too soon.

“It’s the worst feeling having debt,” Edina explains. “Every day it just gets harder and harder. Aside, from that I get calls every day about sick and injured animals. I have to raise thousands for them until they find homes, every month… and it gets tougher and tougher by day.”


Street cats feeding

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About Superhero Pets

Superhero Pets is a creation of the Harmony Fund charity based in the USA. It’s designed to enable pets to become heroes as they share their blessings with other animals who are in deep need of help in the form of rescue, food, shelter, veterinary care and protection-from-cruelty… Learn more