Calling All Ice Skaters and Their Pets: We Need Your Help!


skaters and dog on the ice

Will You Skate on the Ice With Your Pet to Benefit Homeless Animals This Winter?

The Harmony Fund is an esteemed, USA based animal rescue charity helping underdog animal rescue squads across the planet.  We’re the ones out there, even in sub-freezing temperatures, bringing food to homeless animals.  We throw our arms around the small, but mighty animal rescue teams and help them with food, veterinary aid, protection-from-cruelty, care for rescued farm animals and wildlife protection.  It’s a mission of LOVE and here’s your chance to join in!

We need your help creating an amazing video to help raise funds for our work.  We’d love to gather video clips of skaters having fun on the ice with their pets.  It doesn’t matter if you are at an arena or in the great outdoors.  We need people of all ages from all over the world to join in.  You don’t have to be an expert skater. You and your pet can help us raise awareness about our work while having a great time together.

We’ll edit submissions from skaters together into a single video, or series of videos, to showcase many skaters and their pets stepping up to help our heroic animal rescuers doing what they do best.

In this time when all of us are being kept so far apart, we can still do something amazing together.

Rescuer feeding dogs in the deep snow

Create Your Video & Share It With Us

  1. YOUR VIDEO:  Shoot a video, or edit clips together, so we can see you having FUN on the ice with your pet.  You can skate alone or with a partner(s).  Ideally we would love to see your pet gliding in your arms, but only if this can be done safely.  Larger or more timid animals might prefer to remain on the ice and just enjoy being a part of your skating experience.   We prefer to keep each video submission down to about 2 minutes or less.
  2.  SETTING UP THE CAMERA:  Placing your camera on a solid surface or tripod is often better than having a friend hold the camera.  Many people constantly move the camera around when they are videoing, but the end result is a video that is hard to watch.  STEADY and still is best.
  3. HAVE FUN:  We’re not looking for perfection, just genuine joy!  This is meant to be fun.
  4. ATTIRE:  Wear whatever makes you happy.  Your pet can wear a favorite bandana or coat if they normally wear one.  It’s up to you.
  5.  HOW TO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO:   We Transfer is a free video file transfer service that will allow you to email us your finished video.  (video files are usually too large for traditional email sending)   Just go to We Transfer and upload your video. Our email address to receive the file is
  6. PERMISSION:  By submitting your video, you grant us permission to include a portion, or all of your video, in our campaign to help the animals. This means your content may appear on Facebook, Instagram and other social media and may be picked up by a wide variety of media outlets. The purpose of the video is to help us raise funds for our charity mission under the Harmony Fund umbrella and our Superhero Pets campaign.


What Happens Next:

We will aim to compile the video clips together into a single video presentation, or SERIES of video presentations, that showcase people skating with their pets to raise funds and awareness for animals in need this winter.

  1. Would you be willing to share our final edited video(s) on your social media pages?  In the meantime, shhhhhh.…it’s a secret!  We ask you to please, do not post your own video content before the big event as it might draw attention away from our big debut which is very important to a lot of hungry animals.
  2. We will notify you by email when the first video is ready,  so please make sure you enter your correct return email address when sending your video.
  3. Expected debut is January.  If we release a series of videos, they may debut at various intervals in January and February.

volunteers at St. Francis Shelter in Romania

Join Our Mission

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About Superhero Pets

Superhero Pets is a creation of the Harmony Fund charity based in the USA. It’s designed to enable pets to become heroes as they share their blessings with other animals who are in deep need of help in the form of rescue, food, shelter, veterinary care and protection-from-cruelty… Learn more